About Us

Formed in 2006, THE UNIVERSAL MOMENT is currently based in Tokyo, Japan.

Founding and core members Yu and Shu are brothers. The brothers moved around the globe from one place to another, year after year, as they grew up. Places include Belgium, UK, U.S.A., Canada and Japan. The constant change in environment was a major contributor to making who they are now and what they compose.

Why "The Universal Moment"

Yu and Shu believe that there are beautiful moments in life, where people connect and share their feelings. Such moments are beyond time, space or science; they are spiritual, in another word universal. THE UNIVERSAL MOMENT aims to remind people how beautiful those moments are and to help people share such moments through music.


Shu (the younger brother) - Vocals, keyboards, guitars, words and music.
Yu (the older brother) - Vocals, guitars, words and music.
With the current supporting members - Shigeo on drums, Satoshi on bass and Saori on keyboards.